What is SRT in SSB Interview

Situation Reaction Test
Situation Reaction Test

What is SRT in SSB Interview :

SRT stands for Situation Reaction Test. SRT in SSB Interview is conducted on Day-2, Stage-2 of SSB interviews. It is the third test in the series of ‘Psychological tests’.

It is important to know the fact that SRT is conducted immediately after the WAT. There is a gap of 10 minutes only between these two tests.


The phrase SRT is self-explanatory. It means, in this test as the name itself suggests, certain situations are described where the candidate is asked to respond to the situation explained.

Situations that are explained or described to the candidates are usually related with day to day real-life situations.

The unknown situations are not usually asked to respond. Example You are in a hurry to attend an interview while walking to reach the place you see an injured person on the road.

You Reaction Take an auto to go to the hospital and admit the injured person in the hospital, inform his family and will take that auto to reach the interview on time.

Complete Action You admitted the injured person and then attended the interview.


We understood that SRT in SSB Interview is the test related to a set of situations and reactions. Thus, when the candidate responds to the given situation, his personality is revealed.

All situations denote the daily life incidents that one has to face generally.

In other words, the way the response comes from a candidate shows his common sense, time sense, reasoning ability, maturity, and empathy.

The major quality assessed is the decision-making capability of the candidate in the given situation; good decision-making is an important trait and attributes to a perfect personality.

Now, let us know the procedure of the conducting SRT In SSB Interview.


  1. SRT consists of 60 routine life situations regarding day to day situations.
  2. All the 60 day to day situations/activities are printed in a booklet which is distributed to the candidates before the test commences.
  3. The candidates are asked to write his reaction by completing the sentences, as to how they would feel, think and act in these situations.
  4. The responses are supposed to be written in a separate answer sheet provided by the SSB for the same purpose.
  5. Total of 30 minutes are allotted to write the responses for 60 situations, i.e. around 30 seconds are available for every situation. This is all about the way the SRT is conducted.

See, the below-given tips to successfully clear this stage of SRT.

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Tips to clear the SRT In SSB Interview :

Tips to Attempt SRT in SSB Interview, Following points are very useful in clearing all the 60 situations easily within 30 minutes

• Practising lot and with a focus is the foremost essence of this test.

• When you see the situation on the paper. Write whatever comes to mind, but which makes sense.

• Do not make a long explanation because it is time-consuming, remember you have only 30 seconds per situation.

• Giving a positive and meaningful reaction is very important.

• Though uncommon situations are presented, try to make a meaningful conclusion/reaction because it reveals you are capable of handling any situation.

• If you find that a situation is repeated in another form then give the reaction differently but see it is not contradictory to the previous reaction.

• Do not make an irresponsible reaction, in other words, do not merely react to the situation. Let your reaction be filled with responsibility.

• Do not make the sentence incomplete at the same time the sentence preferably should be short to manage time.

In the consecutive pages, some of the Situations and their probable Reasons have been given.

The students are required to analyze these situations carefully and then go to their reasons; candidate can make their own reasons also as per the situation is given.

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