SSB Interview Group Discussion


SSB Interview Group Discussion :

SSB interview Group Discussion comes in group tests, 3rd day. GD is the first test of the GTO series.

In this test, two topics of common interest: social issues and current events are discussed. It is an informal discussion and not a debate•

Each topic is allotted for 20 minutes for each candidate. No definite conclusion is required to be deduced.

OBJECTIVES OF SSB Interview Group Discussion :

The SSB interview Group Discussion is conducted to know the candidate’s knowledge of current affairs, history, and social awareness as well as his/her grouping skills like :

  • Group coordination
  • Listening power
  • Concentration
  • Communication
  • Speaking skills
  • Body language
  • Patience, etc.

The core of the GTO is knowledge and communication skills which can be achieved by practicing well.

Following qualities are seen by GTO :

Candidate’s awareness of the current topics that are covered by the newspapers.

Candidate’s ability to logically organize the knowledge he has, regarding current events.

The way candidate interacts with others i.e. how impressively he can talk and influence others in the group.

It is seen that whether the candidate is having the confidence to face the group by bouncing back with better points if he is countered by others.

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IMPORTANCE OF SSB Interview Group Discussion TEST :

Verbal and intellectual communication is the key factor in selection. An expression is an important requirement, whether administered, visually, orally, written or practical.

So, through group discussion, candidates get a chance to show their communication skills.

In the armed forces, effective communication skill is very important as you have to live in the company of equals, superiors or subordinates, you do not live in isolation.

You have to show teamwork, sense of responsibility, cooperation every time so, it is very important to test the individual behavior on these scales.

WAY OF CONDUCTING SSB Interview Group Discussion :

The Group Discussion is conducted in two rounds. The candidates are made to sit in a circle according to their chest numbers.

Generally, the GTO asks the candidates to introduce themselves before the GD begins, this happens especially in AFSB’s, he asks you to cover your name, family occupation, your hobbies/interests, your marks up to graduation, so be prepared for such an introduction.

Highlights of the SSB Interview Group Discussion are

In the first round, the GTO gives two topics to the group.
Group has to choose one topic of their choice and report to the GTO.

Then GTO reads out loudly so that everyone in the group becomes aware and clear about the topic of discussion.

Then 20 minutes is given to preparation.
Thus, in the first round, the topic of the current event covered by the newspaper is given.

In the second round, the GTO gives the topic of social importance, again 20 minutes is given for preparation.

When the first discussion ends, the group has to carry out a discussion of about the same duration. There is no choice in the second round, but select the topic given by GTO.

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Guidelines to Attempts SSB Interview Group Discussion :

Prepare for the topics from newspapers; have the habit of reading newspapers.

Be aware of the current events and equally about social topics.
Initiate the discussion, if you could not start first, at least join the discussion as early as possible.

Be humble when you are asserting your point and feel it is valid and also do not get discouraged by the opposite view that gets for your point…

Be gracious to accept if your point is proved not valid, but ready with a better point.

Avoid generalizing the views and keep logical and real reasons for your argument…

Never in any chance join hands with one candidate and start backing up each other, a real leader considers everybody equal hence give everybody a fair chance.

Give chance to others also who are not able to talk much.
Maintain good posture while sitting and also have good body language.
Communication skills like pausing, eye contact, etc must be well maintained.

Do not be argumentative or exited and get up from the chair. The GTO explicitly mentions that you do not have to conclude the discussion, hence do not overrule his wish by trying to conclude the discussion…

Just be calm and think like you are discussing something with your friends.
Do not look at the GTO, speak confidently and maintain an audible and nice voice level, not too loud.

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