SSB Interview 2nd Day Procedure

SSB Interview 2nd Day Procedure
SSB Interview 2nd Day Procedure

SSB Interview 2nd Day Procedure (Psychological Test) :

SSB Interview 2nd Day Procedure includes Psychological Test. There are many tests in this Process like TAT, WAT, SRT, SDT.

It is the second stage of the tests, as we already know that on the Day-1 and Stage-1, Intelligence test, PP & DT are conducted as a part of screening test. So, next level is psychological test.


Psychological test’ is the use of formal procedures employing reliable and valid instruments to measure intellectual, cognitive, emotional and behavioural functioning.

Psychological testing is employed to identify intelligence, personality style, interpersonal processes and adaptive skills.

Psychological test is conducted by a skilled professional usually a psychologist, he evaluates the candidate’s personality and capability and decides whether the candidate is suitable for the service.

The responses to the tests reveal the different attitude and personality traits of the candidate.

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Personality and its Importance in SSB Interviews :

Personality is said to be the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours of an individual in a given situation and time, which make him unique.

In psychological tests employed by SSB, the candidate is shown a stimuli and is asked to respond, during this process, candidate’s behavioural patterns, emotional intelligence and attitudes emerge out without obscurity.

For this purpose, following psychological tests are conducted namely

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self Description Test (SDT)
  1. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) :
    The Thematic Apperception Test, or TAT as it is often referred to, that involves showing respondents ambiguous pictures of people and asking them to come up with an explanation for what is happening in the scene.

The purpose of the test is to learn more about the respondents’ thoughts, concerns, and motives based on the stories they create to explain the vague and often provocative scenes depicted in the pictures.

  1. Word Association Test (WAT) :
    WAT is a test of personality and test of mental function in which the candidate is required to respond to the words shown, with the first thought that comes to his/her mind.

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It is a test of personality and mental function.

The words shown can be used in any form and tense.

A total of 60 words is shown for 15 seconds each in which candidate has to form a meaningful sentence from it.

It is recommended that a candidate attempts a minimum of 55 words. The test lasts for 15 minutes.

  1. Situation Reaction Test (SRT) :
    Certain situations of practical nature are created. A candidate is asked to give a solution to problems so created in two-three lives.

That also reveals the personality of a candidate. There are 60 situations and time allowed is just 30 minutes.

The situations are day to day life situations. One handles them completely and systematically, giving accounts of one’s logic.

Normally, the situation is given in the past tense, using third person, singular number and in a brief language.

The response should not be abrupt but a logical one. It is again positive in nature, not leaving any part of the situation un-handled.

  1. Self Description Test (SDT)
    Self-description test in SSB is one of the Psychology tests and it is used to test, how much you know about you and how people around you see you as a person.
    In other words, this is a test to bring your traits and qualities out from you and check what type of person you are.

So, It was the brief explanation of SSB Interview 2nd Day Procedure. I hope, you will have found this post useful.

If you have any query regarding to this post, you can ask in comment box. Your question will be appreciated.

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