What is SDT in SSB Interview


SDT in SSB Interview :

Self Description Test SDT in SSB Interview is conducted on Day-2 and Stage II of SSB.

It is one among the blur psychological tests others being TAT, WAT, SRT, Candidate is asked to write five separate paragraphs on each context about the opinion of his parents/guardian, friends, teachers/superiors.

MEANING OF SDT in SSB Interview :

As the name itself describes, SDT is describing what is ‘I’ i.e. self and anything related to self like what kind of a person you are, what you would like to become describing parents, friends, and teachers.

In SSB, the following are the points that are to be written by the candidates in the distributed forms…

  • What do your parents think of you?
  • What do your friends think of you?
  • What do your teachers think of you?
  • What do you think of yourself?
  • What sort of a person do you want to become in life?


The SDT in SSB is conducted to know the crucial and considerable details collected and assessed by the psychologist to assess the character traits of the candidate.

On the other hand, in the self-description, the candidate reveals his previous life details which show the maturity of a candidate’s personality.

It also shows that if the candidate is capable of assessing himself he can surely assess others.

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In self-description test, candidates are given 15 minutes and are asked to write 5 different paragraphs regarding the above-said points.

Candidates may take it easy and write everything that comes to mind, but it should be kept in mind that it is one of the psychological tests for which you have got an opportunity to project your qualities.

Here, the description should be honest, but not too self-criticizing.

It is advised that you give a balanced view of your personality.

Tips to Crack Self Description Test SDT in SSB :

Be attentive to what psychologist instructs.

• Your description should be an emphasis on such points that reveal the real traits of your personality. It is natural that all human beings have good and bad parts of personality so write well as well as bad points of your personality.

• You should be alert about your self-description, it should never contradict with any of the information given to the board.

Maintain a good writing speed also legible handwriting.

Never try to memorize any self-description from anywhere and produce it before the board. It will only reduce your chances of selection as the self-description will have no connection with your personality traits.

Do not write strong negative points about you. There is much difference between weaknesses and negative qualities. Be positive.Be honest and real, while giving your self-description.

Never try to bluff about any of your qualities as the psychologist will easily find it out.

Remember that psychologist is an experienced person he will easily find out the character traits even if you try to conceal.

Do not write in bullets always write the description in a paragraph.

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