List of SSB Group Discussion Topics 2020

SSB Group Discussion
SSB Group Discussion

List of SSB Group Discussion Topics 2020 :

Below are some topics given for GD purpose. Candidates are advised to use these topic,. and practise with your friends. These are latest SSB Group Discussion Topics asked many times in SSB Interview.

A group discussion is usually conducted in the SSB interview during your GT i.e. the Group Testing (DAY-3).

In this particular task, first of all, you are basically divided into groups of 6-12 depending on the number of candidates.

After which you are made to sit in a circular fashion, facing each other, seating order based on your chest numbers.

There are two topics given to you by the GT Officer, firstly he will give you several topics and ask the group to choose the one you are comfortable with.

The second topic will be of GT Officer’s choice and needed to be discussed within the group.

The topic given to us are generally based on social awareness, day-to-day problems, social issues which we usually discuss with our family and friends.

The time given to discuss a given topic is about 10-15 minutes.
The GD topic consists of various given leads which you are supposed to advocate or support during the entire GD.

The two Group Discussion basically takes place one after the other, after which GD culminates and other task took place.

SSB Group Discussion Topics on Social Issues :

  1. Influence of Social Media.
  2. Should there be Private Universities?
  3. Civil Society and Individual Freedom.
  4. Internet/Mobile Phones : A Boon or Nuisance.
  5. Skilled manpower shortage in India.
  6. Capitation Fee should be Eliminated.
  7. How should we deal with high Oil Prices?
  8. Brain-Drain Needs to be Stopped.
  9. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining.
  10. Indian Economy: Old Wine in New Bottle.
  11. Should the Public Sector be Privatised?
  12. Religion should not be mixed with Politics.
  13. Our Cricketers are not to Blame for Match Fixing.
  14. Success is all about human relations.
  15. Is Science a Boon or Bane?
  16. Should Businessmen Run the Finance Ministry?
  17. Technology Creates Income Disparities.
  18. Privatisation will Lead to Less Corruption.
  19. What do you think reservation is for or against development?
  20. Role of caste in Indian Politics.
  21. Role of primary education in nation building.
  22. Do you think passage of women reservation in Parliament will drastically change the status of women in India?
  23. Role of Disaster Management to prevent the natural clamities.
  24. What are the preventive measures to stop the communal riots?
  25. Role of civil society in Indian Political system.
  26. Do you think Panchayats’ are an evil in Indian social system?
  27. Do you think AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Power Act) should be abolished from some Indian states?
  28. Education is for life or for livelihood.
  29. Why social welfare schemes of government are not so effective as they should be?
  30. Why is it necessary to keep armed forces in the command of Civilian Government?

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SSB Group Discussion Topics on Current Affairs :

  1. Foreign Direct Investment in retail sector.
  2. Content of internet should be censored.
  3. Is China a threat to the Indian software industry?
  4. Corruption is a necessary evil.
  5. Should India sign the CTBT?
  6. The state authority and freedom of expression.
  7. Developed countries are damaging the ecosystem of the Earth.
  8. Indian Villages : Our strength or our weakness.
  9. India should break diplomatic ties with Pakistan.
  10. Should agricultural subsidies be stopped?
  11. Globalisation vs Nationalism.
  12. Nuclear Arsenal is threat to human race.
  13. Average Indian is more secular than political parties.
  14. Juvenile Rapists should be treated same as adults.
  15. Clean India: just a movement or changing attitudes of people.
  16. Is India still a secular nation?
  17. In the crake of creation of `Telengana’ do you think, small states are good for India’s fast development?
  18. Naxalism is bigger threat than terrorism.
  19. Do you think capital punishment should be abolished?
  20. IPL (Indian Premier League) cricket has ruined the test cricket.
  21. Image of Parliament has been diminished in recent years.
  22. Present Syria crisis and. India’s role.
  23. Effect of inflation on Indian economy.
  24. Do you think India should be a permanent member of security council?
  25. India’s role in neighbouring countries.
  26. Hardwork or smart work. Which is important?
  27. Do you think corruption affects the pace of development?
  28. GDP growth rate not always leads to overall development.
  29. How does ‘paid media’ affect the election process?
  30. Does democracy mean regularly conducting elections?

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