Lecturette in SSB What is Lecturette in SSB Interview

Lecturette in SSB
Lecturette in SSB


Lecturette in SSB is a short lecture. It is the way through which knowledge or information is imparted on various topics especially related to current affairs of national and international importance.

What it needs is good knowledge of the issues that are going around.


The lecturette in SSB is conducted to know how much aware is the candidate about the recent happenings in India as well as in other countries, this also shows the candidate’s knowledge on current issues and his opinion on the issue.

The lecturette in SSB is conducted to test the candidates in the following ways :

Awareness about environmental development issues.
Ability to organize and express an opinion
Self-confidence and stage handling capability
Ability to influence the group

Perseverance in delivering his/her opinion under stress also.
Courage to face the group and talk determinedly
Stamina to address a group and deliver the thought and opinion in 3 minutes.

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  1. Lecturette in SSB interview is a part of individual task, each and every candidate has to talk on a topic.
  2. The GTO will have as much number of cards as per the candidates in the group where each card will have four topics on the card.
  3. The first candidate will be called to pick up the card which is the first on it top and he will be asked to move away from a little away from the group and will be given 3 minutes to prepare on the topic.
  4. While the first candidate prepares, the GTO asks other candidates to introduce themselves, he will usually ask

Your name
Father’s occupation,
Your studies,

etc when the first candidate comes to talk, first he will be asked to introduce himself and then time starts for talk.

  1. When the candidate is ready to talk and 3 minutes are completed, he is called back to deliver his lecture for 3 minutes and after 21/2 minutes, GTO rings a bell which indicates that the candidate should wind up his lecture in 30 seconds. Exactly after 3 minutes, GTO will ring two bells; the second candidate comes and starts his lecture.
  2. By this time, the second candidate is asked to pick the second card and again the process repeats till the last candidate completes his lecture.
  3. The lecture has to be given only in English.

Tips to Attempt Lecturette In SSB Interview :

Choose the topic on which you have good knowledge and can talk well; avoid taking difficult topic because only your knowledge is not tested, but the way you talk and impress others is also noticed.

The introduction to the lecture is very important since it gives an overall view about the lecture; hence it is essential that the candidate presents the topic well in the introduction

The flow of lecture can be like the introduction for the first 4-5 sentences followed by main points on the topic. You may also mention the negative effects in an effective manner, followed by a small example to support your lecture.

When you are delivering the lecture, always look at the group members, make eye contact and never look into the eyes of the GTO officer.

Give a brief introduction about yourself in less than 30 seconds before starting the topic. This can cover your name, educational qualifications, the place you are from

Try your best to maintain a smile throughout the process and have a relaxed body language. Never make any unwanted hand gesture during your talk and talk to other candidates in an audible and clear manner, but do not shout.

Be straight forward in your points and do not beat around the bush which gives the impression that you are not sure about what you are talking and shows that there is a lack of confidence in you.

Plan your time for talking all your important points, do not wait until the last second to drag on the conclusion and also do not go over the given time limit.

Dress in proper attire and be presentable, walk with your head held high. This shows that you have a lot of confidence and is the key to help you to clear SSB interview.

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